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Welcome. Are you are curious? Do you want to know if reclaiming your true emotions can help you? The following blog articles will give you a flavor of the process I like to use. I call it the the poetry of emotion process. As you read these articles, remember we are talking about emotions, not thoughts or behaviors. If you have not gotten the results you want by changing your thoughts and behaviors, open your mind and your heart to a different way of viewing change.

Emotions 101

How Reclaiming Your True Emotions Can Help You
What You Never Knew about Emotions
How Your Emotional System Works
Are Emotions from the Past Still Controlling Your Life
How to Make Friends with Your Emotions
What Are Emotional Poems?

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The following blog articles describe the basic poetry of emotion process. The power to change your life is in your hands.

Here are a few tips

1. Remember that emotions are not rational so don’t expect the process to make sense to your rational mind.
2. Trust your intuition. You can do it.
3. Read the articles in the order listed.
4. Practice with a minor issue. Once you master the process you can move on to more serious issues.

The following blog articles will take you step-by-step through the process.

The poetry of emotion process

Is the Poetry of Emotion Process Right for You?
What is the Poetry of Emotion Process?
Emotions Communicate through Your Senses
Discovering Your Emotional Poem
You Already Know How to Time Travel
The Poetry of Time
Discovering the Resources You Need
How to Release Any Emotion
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