How Qigong Can Help You Heal Yourself

Starting this May, I will be teaching “Qigong for Busy People” at the Reiki Center of Fairhope. You may be wondering “What is Qigong and how can it help me?”

What is Qigong?

Qigong (pronounced chee gong) is part of traditional Chinese medicine. You may be more familiar with other aspects of Chinese medicine, such as acupuncture, acupressure, and Chinese herbs.

Qigong is a self help method. It has been practiced in China for over five thousand years and is still practiced by tens of millions of people around the world.

How Qigong works

Qi is the life force energy in our bodies. Qigong means to cultivate one’s life force energy through practice.

When the life force energy is flowing freely in our bodies we experience health. When the flow is blocked or out of balance, we experience illness or we start feeling sick. There are a number of factors that can create blockages in the body. These include injuries, unbalanced emotions, and poor nutrition.

Health benefits of Qigong

Qigong can help you heal a variety of issues. I have had personal experience healing my neck after a car accident and healing a painful shoulder injury.

In general Qigong can reinforce your body’s natural defense against illness, improve flexibility, oxygenate the body, calm the nervous system, and slow aging. A few specific issues include: migraine headaches, heart disease, weight loss, pain, stress, and much more.

Since Qigong works with your life force energy, it will not interfere with any other medical treatments. But, just to be sure, always check with your doctor before practicing Qigong or any other exercise.

Is Qigong hard to do?

In “Qigong for Busy People” I teach super easy, yet powerful exercises. You will learn three movement exercises, two healing mantras and a special method to heal family and friends.

In as little as ten minutes a day you can improve your health. Of course, you can practice longer if you want quicker results.

Try it out!

Sit or stand with your arms at your sides. Keep your fingers open. Breath in slowly. As you breath in, slowly raise your arms out to the side. Keep your arms rounded. As you raise your arms, gather Qi (or life force energy). When your arms are over your head, pause. Then slowly exhale. As you exhale, lower your hands down the center line of your body.

Visualize any stress or negative energy being washed away. Do several times until you feel lighter and more relaxed. This is a great exercise to do after a stressful day at work.

To register for the May 16, 2013 6pm – 9pm class, visit my Store.

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