The 3 Stages of Raising Your Vibration

These days my posts have been focusing on raising your vibration to love and joy.

I have started teaching classes where participants learn how to measure their vibration level in a variety of life areas, such as relationships, money, feeling deserving, and even adventure. Participants get a specific number that describes their level.

Even if you don’t know your exact number, you can learn a lot if you know which of the 3 stages you are in. Keep reading to discover more about your vibration level.

How we measure vibration

Your vibration level is a measurement of your spiritual evolution.  In my classes, we are using Dr. David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness (found in Power vs. Force, 2002) to measure vibration. Go here to see the map.

With this map, you can measure the vibration of anyone or anything. This is not how you feel about the person or thing, but the inherent vibration level.

In my workshop, “Do You Want to Raise Your Vibration to Love and Joy?”, we are using applied kinesiology or muscle testing. Go here to see Dr. Hawkins demonstrate muscle testing.

But what do you do if you have not taken my class or you don’t trust yourself to use muscle testing? This is where the 3 stages of raising your vibration can help you.

The three stages of vibration

Dr. Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness can be divided into three stages based on what is happening in your life. These stages are not good or bad. They simply represent a stage in your spiritual development.

The first stage (20 to 199) is stuck. In this stage, you are in survival mode. It is difficult to see solutions to your problems. It is easier to blame someone else or something for your situation. You are ruled by painful emotions.

The second stage (200 to 499) is struggle. In this stage, you are able to find solutions, but they all involve hard work. Your solutions are based on thinking and needing to figure it out. This is the stage of modern culture, business, and science. You are ruled by thinking. It is difficult to find heart-felt solutions.

The third stage (500 +) is flow. In this stage life begins to unfold. You make the right connections at the right time, whether it is in your business life or your personal life. Answers show up before you even ask the question. All of the law of attraction techniques start working. You are vibrating love and joy.

How do these three stages apply in your life?

While you have an overall vibration level, it is more useful to look at your vibration in specific areas of your life, such as money, family, or feeling good enough.

If you take a minute to think about your life, you will realize that some areas of your life are going great while others are not.

Pick as area you would like to improve. Are you stuck or are you struggling?

How to raise your vibration

Your natural state is love and joy. If you are not vibrating at that level, you have blocks that are making you feel stuck or are creating struggle. When you release these blocks, you will experience more love and joy.

Your feelings are the key to releasing blocks.

One method to release these blocks or feelings is the poetry of emotion process. As you release blocks (you may have more than one), watch your life start to flow.

Do you want to raise your vibration to love and joy? Leave me a comment below.
(Image: Tim Green)

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