Personality: Discovering Your True Personality

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We have been exploring the concept of learned personality. This is sometimes called your false personality or your mask personality.

If you mask personality isn’t the real you, how can you discover your true personality?

Your true personality is still there. It has been buried underneath your history and you may have lost touch with it.

Are you ready to find the real you?

What is your true personality?

There is not a single true personality for everybody. Each of you has a unique false personality and each person has a unique true personality.

True personalities have some common features. Your true personality is not based on how other people treat you or external circumstances. It doesn’t change if you are having problems. It is never a question.

Your true personality is a heart-felt quality. It reflects your deepest values and your highest spiritual beliefs. It is always profoundly positive.

Overcoming concerns

When some people hear that they have a wonderful core personality, they get concerned. They might think: “Everybody else has a wonderful core, but not me.”

If you are feeling not good enough, unworthy, unlovable, or undeserving you may not be able to imagine a positive core personality. I want to assure you that everybody has this wonderful core. Unfortunately, it has been buried underneath a pile of past hurts and fears.

People who have concerns will receive the most benefit from discovering their true personality.

Examples of a true personality

There are fewer examples of true personalities than false personalities.

Here are some examples:

  • Love
  • Unconditional love
  • Love for all
  • Oneness
  • One with all
  • Peace
  • Freedom
  • Divine love

So, how do you find your true personality?

Start with your personality question or phrase and turn this into a positive statement. For example, if your question is: “Do you like me?” your positive statement would be: “Everybody always likes me.” If your question is: “What is there to be afraid of?” your positive statement would be: “I am always safe.” Avoid using any negatives, like “not” or “never.”

Get the feeling of your positive statement. Now, ask yourself, if I could be assured that my positive statement is true, what quality would still be important to me? For example, your first question might be: “If I could be assured that everybody likes me, what quality would still be important to me?“ Keep adding qualities until you discover your core state.

Remember to look for qualities, such as love or peace, rather than positive life situations, like more money or happy children.

Try this exercise for yourself and see what wonderful qualities you discover.

In my next post, we will be exploring how to use all of this personality information to change your life in amazing ways. You will learn how to decide if your personality is limiting you and what to do about it.

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