Discovering the Resources You Need

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If you’ve read this far you will not be surprised to discover that the resources you need are poems. One easy way to engage powerful resources is to visualize a helper. Selecting a helper makes the release step much easier.

A helper represents exactly what you needed in the past when the problem emotion became stuck in your body. Your younger self had unmet needs. That child may have needed love, nurturing, safety, protection, acceptance, or respect. That younger self may have felt misunderstood or confused.

The helper embodies the power you need. The helper communicates positive emotions and qualities to your unconscious mind in the language of the unconscious. The word “protected” conveys a meaning to your conscious mind; the image of a guardian angel conveys a much deeper meaning to your unconscious mind.

What did you need?

In step 2 of the poetry of emotion process, you go back in time and discover a younger self. That self has the qualities you need to in order to heal but that younger self may not be able to express these qualities in words. The younger self may not feel powerful enough to help you. If possible let your younger self choose your helper. Your younger self knows what you need better than you do.

An example

Beth fell in a swimming pool when she was around three. She was rescued by an older child. As an adult Beth always believed that her fear of water and drowning was due to falling in the pool. Beth encouraged her three year old self to choose a helper. Three selected an angel. Instead of healing fear of water, the angel mended a broken heart. Curious, Beth looked back at the memory of falling in the pool. She did this after her heart was mended. She was surprised to discover that the trauma occurred when her mother refused to hold her until she was dry. This broke three year old Beth’s heart. Her mother did not want to get her dress wet. Stories like this help you understand why it is better to let your younger self select a helper.

What is important about this helper?

Once you have selected a helper, ask “What is important about this helper?” This will give you a lot more information about what you needed in the past. If your helper is a lion, is this a wise lion to help you understand or a strong lion to protect you?

Remember you are communicating with your unconscious mind, not your logical rational mind. You are working with a younger self. The helper needs to be age appropriate for the child not the adult.

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