The Poetry of Time

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Highway at night

Discovering your time poem is an optional step but many people find it helps them understand their life better. This understanding can be useful when you start discovering positive emotions and releasing painful emotions. If you have not already discovered your time line see You Already Know How to Time Travel. Time line poems are varied. Some examples of time line poems include: a road, a highway, a race track, a narrow mountain path, a lazy river, a beam of light, a rope, or a treadmill.

How do you get started discovering your time line poem?

List your beliefs about time

List as many of your beliefs about time as you can. Dig deep. The most important beliefs may not be on the surface. Here are some beliefs to get you started:

Time is speeding up.
I never have enough time.
Time rules my life.
I always have enough time.
Time hangs heavy on my hands.
I love to plan my time.
I get anxious when I think about my future.
I have no future.
My future is exciting and motivates me.
My past is dark and hard to remember.
My past supports me.
I can’t be in the present moment.
My memories seem confused.
Time is my enemy.
Time is my friend.

Do you have a theme?

After you make a list of your beliefs about time, decide if there is a theme. Is it hard for you to be in the present moment? Does time seems to move fast, slow or stand still? Does thinking about your past or your future make you uncomfortable? Can you see your future?

Discover your poem

If you were going to select an image or metaphor to describe your view of time what would it be? If you believe time is speeding up, would a good image be an interstate highway or a race track? Gather any details that makes the poem come alive. For example, does your interstate have any exits?

Does your time poem describe your approach to life? If you feel like you keep doing the same things and are in a rut your time poem might be a circular walking track or a treadmill.

How do you feel about your time poem?

You can use this information to change your life. Think about which emotions are contributing to your beliefs about time. Instead of thinking in the basic feeling labels, use a variety of feeling labels such as bored, irritated, discouraged, anxious, overwhelmed, and so on. You want to look at all colors and variations of emotions.

Your time line poem will help you discover the resources you need to release the past (Step 2 of the poetry of emotion process).

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