How Emotions Lead to Better Health

I am sure that many of you have noticed that emotions and health seem to be connected. After a stressful time at work or big family problem, you came down with a cold. Maybe you have said this job or this relationship is making me sick.

Even though many of you have noticed this link, did you know that researchers have been investigating the effects of emotions on health?  Links have been found between positive emotions and good health.

Find out how your emotions can improve your health.

 Health and happiness

A number of researchers and experts have noticed a link between positive emotions and good health. In Real Cause, Real Cure, Jacob Teitelbaum, MD and Bill Gottlieb identify nine real causes of health problems. The one that interests us here is a “happiness deficiency.” These authors report “…scientific research shows that happiness is next to healthiness.” A Dutch study found that happy people live 10% to 40% longer.

The authors tell us “When you are in alignment with your soul and its desire for happiness, you feel good.”

Emotions and poor health

Researchers have also explored the link between emotions and poor health. Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D., author of Full Catastrophe Living, says “… our emotional experiences in early life may play a role in shaping our health later in life.”

Kabat-Zinn also reports:

  • An inability to express emotions has been linked to certain cancers, including lung and breast
  • High blood pressure has been linked to a tendency to suppress feelings of anger
  • Hostility has been linked to heart disease and an increased risk of cancer.

Dr. Bernie Siegel sees strong relationship between surviving cancer and the degree you can love yourself and receive love.

What can you do?

First of all, I do not want you to blame yourself for your illness. Emotions are only one factor in poor health.

Emotions can be one factor that leads you to better health.

Appreciation and gratitude have been shown to boost your immune system. A simple technique is to keep a gratitude journal. At the end of each day, list at least three things you are grateful for. Try it for yourself.

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