How Your Emotional Wounds Create Chaos in Your Life

Many people are not aware of how emotional wounds affect them. They are also unaware of what creates chaos in their life.

What do I mean by chaos? Chaos is something in your life that keeps you upset, unbalanced, and pulls you away from your true purpose.

Do you have chaos in your life?

What is chaos?

Chaos can take many forms. It is characterized by problems or areas of worry and distress that never seem to go away. Chaos keeps you stuck.

Some people have organizational chaos. Their home or office is always a mess. Many times they don’t want to throw anything away so the mess just gets worse over time. They worry about getting organized, but they never do. The chaos keeps from them from moving forward.

Some people have relationship chaos. Their relationships always have some degree of upset. They spend time talking about their relationship problems. You may have a friend who has relationship chaos. They always want to talk about their problems. They never take your advice and things never get better.

Money problems can create chaos. These people make poor money decisions. They may live beyond their means. They constantly worry about paying bills or getting out of debt. Things never get better.

Here are a few more ways to create chaos: excessive shopping, workplace conflict, not taking care of your health, overwork, excessive exercise, worrying about what other people think, etc.

Do you have chaos in your life?

What causes chaos?

Chaos is a distraction from emotional pain. External problems are much easier to deal with than emotional wounds from childhood.

Childhood issues that create emotional wounds:

  • Growing up with drug or alcohol abuse in the family
  • Family issues such as illness or death
  • Divorce
  • Poor parenting
  • Being bullied

With the poetry of emotions process, you describe your emotional wound as poem. An emotional poem is a metaphor, image or symbol that describes the pain you feel in your body.

Emotional poems that create chaos include:

  • A shriveled heart
  • A wounded or damaged heart
  • A cave in your chest
  • A hole or empty place in your body
  • A gaping wound

These poems make us feel not good enough, unworthy and unlovable. These feelings are so painful we do many things to avoid feeling them.

What can you do?

Solving your chaos problem has not worked because it is not the real problem. Looking outside yourself will never bring the answers you are seeking.

Looking inside can be scary because you are afraid you will need to remember all those painful or traumatic events from childhood. I do not advocate reliving painful events. This just reinforces the pain and makes you feel even worse.

The poetry of emotion process can help you release the wound without reliving the past pain. Are you ready to let go of your chaos? Do you want to heal your emotional pain and start living the life you dream about?

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