The Poetry of Emotion Quick Reference

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Emotions license plate

Here is a quick reference once you have mastered the poetry of emotion process.

Part 1 Release

Step 1 Discover your poem

  • Select a problem emotion you want to release. Remember a specific time when you felt that emotion.
  • Scan your body. List sensory based information: location, shape, size, color, temperature, movement, sound, smell, taste, etc.
  • Discover your poem. Gather more sensory based information or use the “like what?” question.

Step 2 Go back in time before you ever had the problem poem

  • Using your time line or time poem, go back to a younger self who has the resources you need.
  • Ask: “What is important about this younger self?”

Step 3 Release your problem poem

  • Ask your younger self to select a helper. Ask: “What is important about this helper?”
  • Tell the story of how your younger self and your helper release the problem poem from your body.
  • Use “What happens next?” to move yourself through the story.

Part 2 Closure

  • Ask your younger self: “Do you want to return to the past, stay with me, or grow up and integrate?”
  • Ask your helper: “Do you want to return to your source or stay with me?”

Part 3 Testing your results

  • Test your results using your imagination.
  • Test your results in the real world.

Part 4 Keep a log

  • Keep a log of all of your poetry of emotion processes.
  • Review your results to track your progress.
  • Celebrate your successes!

You can release any emotion.
You can release any limiting belief.
You can release your karma.

You deserve to be your authentic self.


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