Releasing the Past Is Easier Than You Think

Is your past holding you back? Maybe you’ve thought about releasing your past. You are worried that it will be too difficult or it will take too much time or it will be too painful or cost too much.

Releasing the past is easier than you think. It is a natural ability. Sometimes we forget to use it.

Read on and find out how to release your past.

Natural ways to release the past

Releasing the past is a natural part of life. As you grow up you naturally release emotions and beliefs that no longer serve you or match the person you have become.

Even if you reach adulthood with emotions and beliefs from the past, there are natural ways to release them. Here are a few:

1. You get information that contradicts the original emotion or belief. If you don’t believe that you are smart, you master a difficult subject.

2. Adversity causes you to reevaluate yourself. If you live through a difficult situation (a divorce or a serious illness), you realize that holding on to feeling powerless does not match your experience.

3. You have a spiritual experience. All of a sudden you have a higher perspective and irritations and frustrations are no longer important.

Other ways to release the past

What happens if you want to release the past and life doesn’t present you with a natural method? There are a number of methods available you. You can use counseling, coaching, or a variety of self-help methods.

Or you can learn the poetry of emotion process. I originally developed this process to be used in one-on-one sessions with clients. My clients helped me to realize that the poetry of emotion process can be an effective self-help method.

Why use the poetry of emotion process?

Here are seven reasons why the poetry of emotion process is an effective self help method:

1. You engage both sides of your brain. This gives you two points of view. Your left brain (your logical part) is the coach, guiding you through the steps. Your right brain (your creative part and the source of your emotions) is the client.

2. You don’t need to “figure it out”. You can trust the wisdom of your unconscious mind to find the best solution for you.

3. You don’t need to relive past trauma. When you speak the language of emotion, you work with metaphors, images, and stories. For most people these are less distressing. You work with a broken heart (or other image) rather than remembering a painful childhood event.

4. You can work with issues that you don’t want to share with others. I have heard clients call these their “crazy places” or “dark places”.

5. You can ask for a helper. A helper is a metaphor for the qualities you need. If you were afraid, your helper can be a super hero or a big dog. The poetry of emotion process helps you remember qualities you have lost of forgotten about.

6. You have access to spiritual forces. Whatever name you use – this force is available when you ask. You are not alone. You have more support than you can imagine.

7. Talking to your emotions and releasing the past is a part of your birthright. Usually you just need a little bit of help to get you started.

Intrigued? If you would like to read more, check out the Are You New to the Site? page for more articles and a free guide to the poetry of emotion process.

Releasing the past is easier than you think. You can become the person you were meant to be. Are you ready to get started?

(Image: Emmanuel Huybrechts @ Flickr)

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