How Being Your True Self Can Make the Law of Attraction Work for You

These days everyone has heard about the Law of Attraction. Some of you are happily using it to get what you want in life, while others wonder, “Why doesn’t it work for me?”

The Law of Attraction has three steps: ask, believe, and receive. For many people the second step, believe, can create problems. We all know we need to believe that we can have our desire, but we may not realize that we need to believe in ourselves, too.

What if we don’t believe we can have our desire enough? What if we don’t believe in ourselves enough?


Let’s say you want to attract a better job. One of your friends just got a better job and you know there are better jobs out there. So, it is logical that you can attract a better job. This is not a heart-felt belief, only a logical belief.

With your logic-based belief in place, you start using the Law of Attraction and all of the techniques such as visualizing a better job and being grateful. After a few weeks, nothing happens. You get frustrated and give up.

The Law of Attraction does work

You just weren’t aware of what you were asking for at a deeper level. Are you using the Law of Attraction to feel better about yourself? Do you believe that you will be a better person, if you get a better job, loose weight, or make more money?

This is not how the Law of Attraction works. When you believe you are a wonderful, fantastic, and amazing person everything comes to you easier.

What you believe about your self matters

What does it mean to believe in yourself? This is a deep core belief that has to do with your image and identity.

Changing how you feel about yourself is the key to having the life you want. If you feel unworthy or not good enough or unlovable you attract a life based on those limiting beliefs.

The good news

You are not your limiting beliefs. These beliefs were learned in early childhood or inherited from your family. Instead of deciding that the Law of Attraction does not work, try changing your beliefs.

An easy exercise

If you are not sure which beliefs are holding you back, make a list of limiting beliefs. Include the general ones such as, “I’m not good enough” and desire-specific ones, such as “I am destined to be fat” or “Money is hard to get” or “Nobody will ever love me.”

Find a quiet time and read your list. As you read each belief pause and scan your body. Do you feel an unpleasant sensation, such as a sick feeling in your belly, a hand gripping your heart, or a huge lump in your throat? These are your limiting beliefs.

You can release these limiting beliefs with the poetry of emotion process. Keep working until the limiting belief is completely gone. You can tell that it is gone when you read the belief and you feel nothing or it seems silly. Then you can return to the Law of Attraction.

What would you ask for if your believed in yourself?

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