5 Reasons People Don’t Want to Change

People don’t want to change. I write a blog that helps people change, so why am I writing this post?

So, often, I see people who want and deserve a better life, but they are not taking the steps to make it happen. They may even know the steps, but they don’t take them. They don’t want to change.

Do you hate change? Is this holding you back from the life you dream about?


Change happens whether we want it to or not. Everyday there is some change. Things don’t always happen the same way. Our friends and family are always introducing change. Every day we get older.

No matter how hard we try to avoid it, change is a big part of life.

Here are 5 reasons people don’t want to change:

1. People are just uncomfortable with change.

This may be discomfort with small changes in daily routine. Or this may be discomfort with big changes such as a new job, moving or starting school.

These folks feel a sensation in their body and they label this sensation as discomfort or emotional pain. Other people might label this same sensation as excitement and look forward to something new.

2. People fear change.

This is discomfort turned up to loud. Even thinking about change can produce anxiety or panic attacks.

These people live with constant fear. They are always waiting for change to jump out at them. They would rather die than change.

3. People don’t have a positive future.

If you don’t have a positive view of the future any change will seem like an opportunity for something bad to happen. When this is extreme, you lack all hope. Life is awful and will never get better.

4. People don’t want to do anything.

Sometimes life is so stressful, we can’t take on another thing. The idea that change requires any work at all is too much to consider.

These folks might say, “I want my life to get better, but I don’t want to do anything.” Even if change would reduce their level of stress, it is too much work. They view change as adding to their stress.

5. People don’t love themselves enough.

In order to change you need a good reason. Self love and wanting to be happy are good reasons. If you are not important to you, you will not make an effort. Some people see self love as selfish. Everybody and everything else is more important. You are always last on your list.

What can you do if you saw yourself on this list?

There is no easy answer. Some people need to experience a lot of pain before they are willing to make even a small change. One option is to wait until the pain is so great that you have to do something.

Another option is to examine your life and decide if you want something different. If the answer is yes, you can get started by working on any fear or discomfort with change.

Problems with change are usually rooted in childhood. When childhood is chaotic or filled with problems, keeping things the same feels safe.

One of the least painful paths to change is the poetry of emotion process. The process is quick, permanent and doesn’t require a daily practice, such as affirmations.

Is fear of change is holding you back from the life you dream about?

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