Your True Vibration Is Love and Joy

I have been writing a lot about vibration and how it affects every area of your life. In this post I am focusing on your true vibration: love and joy.

If you are not experiencing love and joy, you might be thinking that I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Keep reading and I will explain how you lost your love and joy and how to get it back.

How your vibration affects every area of your life

Quantum physicists tell us that everything is energy or vibration, including you.

David Hawkins (Power vs. Force, 2002) investigated “hidden energy patterns”. He calibrated these energy patterns and created a map of consciousness. This map describes the evolution of spiritual growth.

Your level of consciousness defines how you experience the world, for example whether you experience love and joy or fear and struggle. Hawkins says that your level of consciousness or vibration dominates behavior “so that definable patterns are consistent across cultures and time, throughout human history.”

In The Eye of the I (2001), Hawkins tells us that “Each level of consciousness has its own understanding of the truth, and clarity comes from understanding this quality.” Your experiences of the world are based on your vibration level. You experience the world the same way other people at your level do.

What happened to your love and joy?

Even though love and joy are your natural state, this vibration can get lost starting early in life. As a small child, any traumatic or distressing event can knock you into painful emotions, like fear, shame, and guilt. You start believing these emotions define you.

You can inherit emotions and limiting beliefs from your family, teachers, and community. It is hard to find your love and joy when all the people around you have lower vibrations. Even when you have positive role models, it is hard to believe that you could vibrate at that level.

These are emotions and beliefs you learned. These are not you. They are covering up your love and joy.

What can you do?

The first step is realizing that change is possible and you can transcend these low vibrations. No matter what you experienced early in life, your true vibration is still love and joy. You may need to do a bit more digging to find your true self.

There are many paths to releasing the past. The one I use is the poetry of emotion process. This process taps into the power of your unconscious mind. You will reconnect with a younger self who has all the emotions and qualities you need to release the blocks to love and joy.

Instead of dredging up painful events from your past, you will be communicating with a powerful part of yourself that speaks in metaphors, stories, and images. You can heal your broken heart.

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