5 Warning Signs That Fear is Running Your Life

Five warning signs on a dark road

Fear is a natural emotion and most of the time it serves us well. Fear helps us stay safe. But what happens when fear gets out of control? It can affect every area of life. It can lower your self esteem, destroy your confidence, and keep you stuck in a life that is not working. Ask yourself “Am I living with fear?”

5 Warning Signs You Are Living with Fear

  1. You are in a relationship that you know is not right for you and you are afraid you will never find anyone if you leave. Or you are afraid to get into a relationship at all.
  2. You are stuck in a job that is going nowhere and you long for something better. You are afraid to explore other career opportunities.
  3. You want to improve your life but you don’t take the steps to change. These changes might include going back to school, moving to another location with more opportunities, looking for a new job, or finding a new apartment.
  4. You don’t let anyone get too close. If they knew the real you they might not like you. You hide behind a masked self so others will like you.
  5. You aren’t living the life you dream about.

Fear is the basis of all of these signs. Sometimes it is just fear of change.

You can release false fears.
Some personal development programs suggest you feel the fear and do it anyway. For many people (including me) this option is just too painful to be successful. You have another option.

What Are False Fears?

False fears are the ones that don’t match your true self. When you were a child and you felt fear, you were not always able to act on it. When you could not act on that fear it became stuck in your mind and body. A child who was teased or called names and couldn’t take action, carries that fear of being hurt into adulthood. A child who lived with family arguments and couldn’t take action, takes that fear and worry into adulthood.

How to Release False Fears

You don’t have to live with false fears. By learning to communicate with your emotions you can finally make peace with your past and release false emotions. Your emotions are a part of your unconscious mind and you communicate with your unconscious using metaphors, stories and images. You can think of this as the poetry of emotion.

When you release the fear how will your life change? If you could make changes with out the fear would you do it?

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