How True Emotions Can Help You

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Four leaf clover

Your emotions affect every area of your life. This article will help you determine how reclaiming your true emotions will benefit you.

I like to think in terms of four categories:
1. Performance
2. Personal growth
3. I want it all!
4. Tools for coaches

1. Performance

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have a job that requires a high level of performance, such as sales, MLM, insurance or financial services? Are you interested in stepping up to the next level in your job or field?

Negative emotional states such as low self-confidence, embarrassment, procrastination, fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of success, lack of motivation, etc. can hold you back. At the heart of each of these issues is an emotion. This emotion does not reflect your true self.

If you have tried positive thinking, affirmations, or changing your thoughts and you did not get the results you wanted, you have another option: reclaiming your true emotions.

2. Personal growth

Are issues from your past still running your life? Did you grow up in a dysfunctional family? Did someone in your family suffer from addictions? Did your parents divorce? Did you have problems in school?

Issues like these can leave you feeling not good enough, unworthy, or unlovable. Your past can cause problems in many areas of your life including: relationships, family, career and self-esteem.

Reclaiming your true emotions is the most direct path to the life you dream about.

3. I want it all!

Your life is in pretty good shape, but you dream about something better. Perhaps you want more peace, more success, greater balance, or more abundance. Perhaps you want more love. You are ready to claim your greatness.

If you are ready to move beyond “just okay,” then you are ready to reclaim your true emotions and true self.

4. Tools for coaches (and counselors)

Do you have clients who never seem to change – no matter what you do? Are your clients unable to break through issues with the help of goals and will power? Do you have clients who are stuck? Are you frustrated when you cannot help?

By guiding your clients through a structured process you can help even the most difficult and resistant client. Donna Weber is available for speaking engagements and professional classes. Email for more information.

Do any of these categories speak to you?

By reclaiming your true emotions you can move beyond the past and discover your true self. You are more wonderful than you know.

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