How Emotional Wounds from Childhood Can Sabotage Your Success

Have you ever wondered if emotional wounds from childhood are still affecting you? Can they sabotage your success?

The person you are today is the result of all of your life experiences. Most of us have a mix of both positive and negative experiences. Even people who had wonderful childhoods are still holding on to some emotional wounds and these wounds can sabotage your success.

If you could release the negative experiences from your past – the one that resulted in emotional wounds – how would your life change?

What are emotional wounds?

Emotional wounds are the result of negative emotional responses to past experiences. If you were not able to fully experience your emotional reactions and release them, those emotions were stored in your body. Those emotions remain in your body waiting for release.

Some examples might help. If you were lost in department store when you were three years old, you may still be carrying the fear of abandonment. If you were teased or bullied by older children, you may be carrying fear or anger. If you felt ignored by your parents, you may be carrying loneliness. If you had a teacher who liked to punish students in front of the whole class, you may be carrying embarrassment.

What emotional wounds are you still carrying?

What if you can’t remember the past?

Sometimes we are not able to remember the experiences that created our emotional wounds. You may have blank places in your memory. Blank places may be the result of suppressed memories. You may have negative experiences that happened before you were able to form cognitive memories. Emotional wounds can occur when you are a tiny infant.

The body never forgets.

 Even if you have no memory of the event your body still carries the emotional memory. This memory is stored in the cells of your body. Even if you have no cognitive memory you will still be able to heal your emotional wounds.

How emotional wounds hold you back

Emotional wounds from childhood often manifest as limiting beliefs in adults. Rather than feeling each emotional wound from childhood, you may feel not good enough, unlovable, undeserving, or unworthy.

These limiting beliefs are based on emotional wounds from childhood. Your wounds may be the result of a number of emotions, such as fear, shame, grief, helplessness, loneliness, hurt, and so on.

Limiting beliefs are like self fulfilling prophecies. When you believe that you are not good enough, you never even try to reach for your dreams. When you feel unlovable you always settle for less than you desire in your relationships. When you feel undeserving you may not be able to receive happiness and prosperity. You may even sabotage opportunities.

How can you release your emotional wounds?

I have tried many techniques to release the wounds from my past. Some were more effective than others, but every technique I tried had some limitations. Because I wanted to completely release all of my wounds, I spent many years looking for the right program.

Based on my years of research and study, I developed the poetry of emotion process. With a simple three-step process, I found that I could release any emotional wound – even those without a cognitive memory.

The poetry of emotion process works with your unconscious mind and uses a language that speaks to your heart and soul. The process does not require you to remember or re-live any painful events.

If you could release the past, how would this change your future? Are your emotional wounds sabotaging your success?

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