How to Find the Missing Gift in Your Emotional Pain

I know what you are thinking – “How can there be a gift in my emotional pain?” I am not suggesting that your emotional pain is the gift, but hidden inside (or behind) that pain is a gift.

This gift is a wonderful aspect of you. Due to a painful past experience you lost a part of yourself. Releasing emotional pain is like unwrapping the gift that is you.

Are you ready to find your gifts?

What kind of gifts can you expect?

Here are a few examples from recent clients:

  • A man recovered flow and openness to help him move forward in life
  • A woman discovered courage to be herself
  • Another woman recovered the belief she could heal her body
  • I’ve been recovering my ability to be visible and promote myself

How do you know if you have a lost gift?

Is there an area of your life that is a struggle or filled with problems? Perhaps you aren’t moving forward in your career. Maybe you keep making the same mistakes in your relationships.

Deep inside you know your life could be different, but you don’t know where to start. These are signs that you have a missing gift.

How did you lose your gift?

As children we all experienced the bumps and bruises of life. You may have had a harsh teacher, a class bully, or critical parent. Your family may have struggled with financial issues, divorce, or health problems.

When these issues are too intense, the child does whatever he or she needs to do to get through the experience. It is all about self preservation. One way to survive painful issues is to shut down emotionally. When you shut down painful emotions, other emotions get shut down, too. If the experience is too traumatic, the child can become frozen in time.

When your emotions are shut down or frozen in the past, you experience life as a struggle or you feel stuck and unable to move forward in life. These issues are the symptom of a deeper problem.

How can you receive your gift?

You can receive your gift with the poetry of emotion process. The second step asks you to find a time before the painful experience. You will find a child who has the gift you need.

As you receive all your gifts, you become whole again.

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