How to Reclaim Your Spiritual Identity

In my last posts, I have been discussing how your false identity can hold you back from the life you dream about.

One of the most important aspects of your identity is what I call your spiritual identity. It is important to have a connection with something greater than yourself.

Read on to discover if you are in touch with your spiritual identity.

What is spiritual identity?

Your personal sense of spirituality is one of the most important aspects of being your true self. For some of you this will be part of your religion. For others it will be a sense of connection or being part of something greater than yourself. This can be nature, the universe or the divine.

I want you to decide what is right for you. You will be bringing your understanding of spirituality to this process. There are many names for this connection. You may call it soul, spirit, higher self, Christ Consciousness, Buddha Nature or an other name that is meaningful to you.

I am going to be using the generic term spiritual self. When I say spiritual self you can substitute your preferred name.

Why do you need to discover your spiritual identity?

Having a personal sense of spirituality is one of the most important steps to happiness. For many people this sense gives life meaning. Without it, life can seem empty and without purpose.

Many years ago a client came to me because she was unable set a wedding date. She said she loved her fiancé, but she did not feel that she could get married. We explored her emotional personality, her beliefs, and her identity. We found no problems until we explored her spiritual identity. Her spiritual identity was outside her body. She felt disconnected from God.

Without this connection she did not believe that she could get married. To her marriage was a spiritual union. I helped her find her personal connection. Before the session was over she was ready to set a date.

Reclaiming your spiritual identity

Step 1 Say your name for your spiritual identity several times. You can say this out loud or in your mind.

Step 2 Scan your body for sensations. See Emotions Communicate Through Your Senses for more details. Your spiritual identity may be inside your body or outside your body. You may need to use your intuition to locate it. Be patient and trust yourself to find what you need.

Step 3 Once you have located your spiritual identity, describe it as a metaphor or an emotional poem. Many people find bright lights, gold colors, or rainbow colors. Sometimes these poems are beyond your ability to describe using ordinary words.

Step 4 Now, go back to a time when you felt connected or your spiritual self seemed perfect. This may be a very young age. Again trust your intuition to help you discover the best age. If you are unable to find a time when you felt connected, you can visit a time called before conception. This is a special place where you can communicate with spiritual beings.

Step 5 Ask yourself how can I reconnect with my spiritual self. In this step many people like to engage spiritual help. This may be God, angels or spiritual teachers. For example an angel may help you by pulling your spiritual connection into your heart. In this way you can reclaim your heart-felt sense of spirituality.

Remember spirituality is a very personal concept. When you find what is right for you, you will reclaim new meaning in your life.

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