What Can You Do if You Can Not Find a Positive Emotion?

Finding positive, healing emotions is one of the most important aspects of releasing the past.

With the poetry of emotion process, you don’t simply release an unwanted emotion. Before you get to the release step, you find a healing resourceful emotion to help you. This is your true emotion.

Find out how you can discover a positive emotion – no matter what.

There is always a time before

If you are new to this work, you will be working with your unconscious mind and the part of you that dreams every night. You do not need to remember painful events in order to heal. You can use your imagination and intuition.

The first step in the poetry of emotion process is to describe your unwanted emotion as a metaphor or an emotional poem. Describing your emotion as a poem connects you to a deeper part of yourself where healing can take place.

In the second step you use your imagination to go back in time. You are looking for a time before you ever experienced your problem emotion. You want to discover a younger self who is whole and complete.

Problem emotions do not represent your true self. They were learned or inherited from your family.

So, what happens when you go back as far as you can and you still can’t find a time before the problem emotion? Remember there is always a time before. Sometimes it is a very unusual place.

What is before conception?

When you keep going back in time, you finally find a time before you were born or even conceived. You can call this place before conception.

Before conception is a spiritual place for most people. Before we start this journey, many of us believe we are in heaven or some other spiritual place. Your term depends on your particular belief system.

In this spiritual place, there are usually other beings who are there to help and guide you. My clients have found angels, enlightened teachers and even God.

When you discover before conception, take a few moments to enjoy the peace and beauty of this place. Just visiting before conception can be healing and comforting for many of us.

How can I find my healing emotions?

First of all discover which beings are there to help you. Now, you can ask them for help. Use your intuition to guide you.

Here are some questions to help you get started:

  • Do you have any information that will help me heal my life?
  • Is there a deeper (spiritual) meaning behind my problem emotion?
  • Can you be my helper and help me release this emotion?
  • What are my true emotions?

The answers to these questions (and others that you may have) will help in two ways.

  1. You will gain a greater understanding of your life and your life purpose.
  2. You can gain amazing new resources to replace the problem emotion.

Most people find this process profound, yet gentle. The poetry of emotion process works with your belief and addresses your specific needs.

I would like to tip my hat to Robert Dilts, an NLP trainer. He described a place he called “before conception” in a class I attended many years ago. Thanks, Robert.

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