How to Get the Emotional Qualities You Deserve Even If You Don’t Know What They Are

As a part of growing up we seem to lose some of our best emotional qualities. We forget we can be joyful, curious, playful, confident, and so much more. Sometimes we forget we are good enough and we deserve a great life.

Do you have all the emotional qualities you deserve? Are your emotions helping you get what you want in life?

Have you lost your best emotions? Do you even know what you are missing?

Why we lose our best emotions

We start out as happy, joyful children. Then life happens.

Here are some typical issues that can derail your positive emotions:

  • Your family experiences a financial challenge.
  • Someone in your family gets ill.
  • You experience early losses, such as death or divorce.
  • You are punished for expressing your self.
  • You are too loud.
  • You paint your masterpiece on the living room wall.

Some people may experience traumatic events such as abuse or neglect. These events can leave deep emotional scars.

No matter what, most of us leave childhood with a few emotional scars.

How our positive emotions become lost

When we run into problems as children, we can become overwhelmed by painful emotions. If our mother yelled at us for being too loud, we start feeling that it is not okay to express ourselves. Maybe we start believing we are not okay.

After a while, when we want to make some noise or ask for what we want, we start feeling bad. Eventually we forget that we are here to make noise and ask for what we want.

The emotions and qualities that we lose are usually our best ones. It is as if we need to hide these qualities away so they can be safe.

Later in life we know something is missing, but we can’t remember what it is.

How the poetry of emotion process can help

The poetry of emotion process helps you release painful emotions from the past. As a part of this process, you discover the positive emotions you need in order to heal. These are the wonderful emotions you have forgotten or hidden away.

In Step 2 of the poetry of emotion  process, you go back in time to discover a younger you who still remembers who she is. She is happy and whole. She has all the qualities you have forgotten or pushed aside. She can help you reclaim these emotions.

If you feel that something special is missing from your life and you don’t know what it is, try the poetry of emotion process. Have you lost your creativity, your joy for life, or your spirit of adventure? Letting go of the past is not enough. You need to reclaim your lost legacy. You need to reclaim your true self.

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