How to Change Emotions You Inherited from Your Ancestors

Do you have emotions that you inherited from your ancestors? Do you have phobias, fears, or limiting beliefs that you can’t seem to explain? Do you have problem emotions that run in your family?

If you read my post, How Your Ancestors Affect Your Emotions, you may already know that you have issues that you inherited.

In this post you can take the next step and release these problem emotions.

Using the poetry of emotion process

Before I get to the techniques designed for ancestor lives, I want to review the basic three step poetry of emotion process. This process was designed to help you release emotions that do not reflect your true self. These emotions were learned and usually limit you in some way.

There are three steps in the process:
1. Locate the problem emotion in your body. Describe the emotion using a metaphor or an emotional poem. Some examples are: broken heart, stabbed in the back, or feeling strangled.

2. Find a time before you ever experienced the problem emotional poem. If it seems that you have always had this emotion, then you may have inherited this from an ancestor.

3. Transform the problem emotion using a helper. A helper can be anything that represents the qualities you need to heal. You may have needed to feel loved, nurtured, or safe. Or you may have needed to take some action, such as running away. A helper can be anything you can imagine, such as an angel, a family pet, or a super hero.

I walk you through the basic process in my post, How to Release Any Emotion.

How to work with ancestor issues

You can use the basic poetry of emotion process when working with inherited emotions, but here are a few additional techniques that tap into the power of a story to heal. Even if you don’t believe that you can tap into an ancestor life, your unconscious mind may need the complexity of a story to heal a particular problem. If working with an ancestor life is not in your belief system, you can think of the ancestor life like a meaningful dream and still get benefit from this process.

When you go back in time and discover that you have always had this problem emotional poem, ask the question “Is this from an ancestor life?” If the answer is yes, then continue back along your timeline until you find the right ancestor life. Just like in the basic process, find a time before your ancestor experienced the trauma. The problem is often traumatic if you inherited it.

Rewriting your ancestor’s story

Since this is not your life, I hope you will be open to rewriting your ancestor’s life. You can rewrite your own life story, too. You just need to get over the idea that your past cannot be changed.

Here are three easy techniques:
1. Change a decision the ancestor made. With this change the ancestor avoids the problem altogether. For example, your ancestor decided to travel with a group and was not harmed by robbers when traveling alone.

2. Add a helper to your ancestor’s life. This is just like adding a helper in the basic process. The helper can be anything, even you. This helper might give the ancestor some advice or warn the ancestor about a problem.

3. Find an alternate story. This technique is based on the many-worlds theory from quantum physics which says that there are many different histories (maybe even an infinite number). With this technique, you find a history where the problem did not exist. Perhaps your ancestor was mistreated and you find an alternate history where your ancestor was treated with kindness. This one may seem a bit odd, but it can get results when nothing else works.

Once you have rewritten your ancestor’s story, you need to bring the changes to your life. The changes may be a new emotion, a new belief, or a new way of looking at the world. If you are not sure how to do this, ask your ancestor or your helper. Often the changes come forward to you automatically. This step is very important. Do not be tempted to skip it.

Notice what is different in your body, mind, and emotions.

If you have an issue that seems impossible to change, consider working with an ancestor life. Who would you be without this problem? How would your life improve?
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  • Barbara Wascom September 12, 2015, 8:37 am

    Thanks Donna……..this is a good one. Also like the guest post and that site.

    • Donna Weber September 12, 2015, 8:50 am

      Thank you, Barbara. I am so glad you liked both articles!


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