Why Rational Thinking Won’t Let You Believe in an Emotion Based Solution

We like to believe that we are rational beings and we can use our logic to solve any problem. We might even think emotions are too touchy-feely to be useful.

Think about your life for a moment. Do you have problems that seem resistant to any logical solution?

Is your rational mind keeping you from considering any options that are not logical?

Your many personality parts

You are made up of many personalities. Family therapist, Virginia Satir liked to have what she called parts parties with her clients. In these parties each personality part would be given a voice.

Getting different points of view can help you solve problems better.

Satir says, “Think of each of your parts as a resource, regardless of whether it is the same or different from anyone else’s or whether you consider it good or bad. Whatever you have represents new possibilities of yourself.” (Your Many Faces: The First Step to Being Loved by Virginia Satir)

What are personality parts?

Common parts include:

  • Logical or rational
  • Emotional
  • Creative
  • Affectionate
  • Angry
  • Adventurous
  • Serious
  • Fun

Each personality part has a role to play. When we use the right part for the right situation, life becomes easier. For example, you don’t want your serious part in charge when you go on vacation; you probably want your fun part to run the show. But, your fun part can be disruptive in an a school setting. Get the idea? We want the right part for the right situation.

How your logic keeps you stuck

Many of our current problems are due to unresolved emotions from the past. Typical unresolved emotions include: fear, guilt, shame, hurt, jealousy, and hatred.

Emotions are not logical. They come from a different older part of the brain. They come from your unconscious mind – the part of you that dreams every night.

How do you know if you have unresolved emotions? They can cause you to feel not good enough and unlovable. You may have stronger emotional reactions to life events than your friends. You spend a great deal of time feeling fear, guilt, shame, or other painful emotions.

Using your logical part or rational thinking to heal an emotional wound is not easy or effective. Your logical part does not understand your emotions.

Your logical part may not be willing to admit that any other part can solve problems. Your logical part is very powerful. It may tell you:

  • Only logical solutions work.
  • Non-logical solutions are airy-fairy or new age.
  • You just need to work through your issues.

But, you’ve tried everything!

So, you’ve tried everything and your problem emotions won’t budge. You’ve tried changing your thinking. You’ve stuffed those annoying emotions. You’ve said thousands of affirmations. You’ve even tried changing your behavior in the face of unpleasant emotions.

If none of these methods have given you the relief you were looking for, then you might be ready to try a non-logical approach. You can work with your emotions.

The poetry of emotion process teaches you how to communicate with your emotions in their unique language. Emotions communicate using metaphors, stories and images. For example, instead of using the word safe, you would visualize a guard dog. Your unconscious mind understands the image of a guard dog.

To learn about the poetry of emotion process click here. You will find articles describing the theory. Then, when you are ready, the second set of articles will guide you through the process.

Is your logical mind keeping you stuck? Are you ready to try something different?
(image: Klearchos Kapoutsis @ Flickr)

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